Zürich (max 37 prsn)

From: 70,00 

For larger conferences, we recommend booking rooms 2 and 3 which can accommodate up to 50 people together. It is also an ideal option for holding workshops or trainings where you can ensure sufficient privacy for group work tasks. The room is equipped with soundproof panels, two Kandao 360 ° All-in-one Conferencing cameras, a microphone, a speaker, a 75 “and 85” TV screen and Barco Click & Share presentation system. Book your time easily through the booking system.

Daily fee in amount of 420 € applies starting from seven hours.


Microphone / Camera

Presentation ready

Additional information

Writing implements are in the room. There is an option to print documents at the administrator. In addition, soundproof panels have been used in the design of the room. In the lounge are water, coffee and vending machines, where you can pay for the products by card or in cash. If you want to enjoy a longer lunch break, you can additionaly book a separate lounge for your use only. You can order your favorite food and snacks. Contact us for more information or special offers for the different rooms.

For lunch: